1. Overview

We are committed to handling your personal data carefully and strictly abiding by legal standards. This policy outlines the principles we adhere to and the purposes for which we gather and process personal data via this website and other platforms managed by us or our affiliated entities.

2. Data Collection

When you sign up and utilize our services, we collect specific personal data to tailor our offerings to your needs. During communication and data acquisition, the following data is either stored by us or third-party service providers:

  • Registration data.
  • Information you’ve permitted social media services to share with us.
  • Activity data.
  • Additional data might be gathered based on the particular entry conditions in contest entries and special promotions.
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive updates on important news and special offers. By clicking on a link within our newsletter, you allow us to use tools, such as web beacons, combined with your IP address and location data to tailor our communications to your interests. We’ll also use your email to send you personalized offers related to the newsletter. If you wish to stop receiving the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe using the link provided in each edition.
  • We do not acquire financial data from third-party payment services.

3. Purpose of Data Collection

We gather this data for various reasons:

  • Communicate effectively with you.
  • Offer and improve our tailored services.
  • Facilitate comments on content.
  • Counteract potential fraud.
  • Marketing initiatives and research, including product and service development.
  • Comply with legal and judicial standards, addressing queries from governmental or other authorities.
  • Promote sharing on social media platforms.
  • Protect our business and third parties.

4. European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Under the European GDPR, specific regulations might be pertinent to companies and service providers based in the Netherlands. We adhere to these provisions whenever relevant. Key rights under these regulations are detailed below. For an exhaustive understanding, please refer to the provided legal basis here.

5. Data Transfer to Third Parties

For contractual purposes, we reserve the right to share your personal data with service providers, including those based overseas. Examples include cloud service providers, IT providers, management consultants, legal advisors, other group companies, and governmental bodies. These third parties are also bound by data protection legalities. A comprehensive list of these data processors can be obtained upon request.

Web hosting and analysis service

We host our website using Vercel, a company based in California, USA. They ensure the stable operation and accessibility of our website. Any data processed by Vercel is done under their Privacy Policy, which can be found here.
We also use Vercel, based in California, USA, for website analytics. This helps us better understand our website traffic and user behavior, thereby improving your browsing experience. Their data processing details can be accessed in their Privacy Policy here.

Payment service

By purchasing on our website, you’re utilizing payment services provided by Stripe, Inc., based in San Francisco, USA. The only details we share with Stripe are your email address and the total purchase amount. Stripe collects additional data to process the transaction. For further details on Stripe’s data handling, review their Privacy Policy here.

Newsletter Subscription

You grant us permission to send you marketing emails by providing your email address. You’ll only receive such messages if you’ve registered on our website for our newsletter. We use MailChimp, an email marketing platform based in Atlanta, USA, to manage our newsletter subscriptions. For more information about MailChimp’s Privacy Policy, click here.

Video Content

We may utilize YOUTUBE services, based in New York City, California, USA, to incorporate videos on our website. To learn more about YOUTUBE’s Privacy Policy, click here.